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The Dutch Coffeeshop Culture is under threat with the introduction of the "Wietpas", a proposed law that would ban foreigners from cannabis selling cafe's throughout the Netherlands.

The Adventures In Europe team interviewed many of the coffeeshop owners throughout Holland last month (March 2012)to see what is really taking place. (See Video)

Amsterdam is threatened by the Wietpas beginning January 2013, however there are various court cases happening in order to fight this proposed tourist ban.

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Update: April 14, 2012
Video Report by Dismas Barbito
Update: May 7, 2012
Video: Henk de Vries of the Bulldog Coffeeshop in Amsterdam speaks about the history, success and current policitcal repression of the Dutch Coffeeshop Culture.
Video Report by Dismas Barbito

For nearly 40 years now, the Dutch Coffeeshop has been a popular destination for millions of travelers and vacationers every year, but if the Netherlands government has its way, foreign visitors would no longer be allowed to visit these unique social gathering spots.
On Friday, April 27, a Dutch court ruled in favor of allowing the possibility of a “weedpass” system. Coffeeshop owners and lawyers have filed an immediate appeal.

The “WeedPass” is a proposal that would ban tourists from coffeeshops by only allowing access to Dutch residents, who would then be required to register as a cannabis user where their personal details and transactions are recorded. The pass is scheduled to take effect in the southern cities of Holland on May 1st, 2012 and in Amsterdam and throughout the rest of the country on January 1st, 2013.

The ‘idea’ of a “weedpass” was originally put forth in an effort to solve the ‘so called’ problems of cross-border transporting of cannabis. The Germans, Belgians and French find their way to the closest coffeeshops near their borders, which has created traffic jams and crowded public transport.

The “weedpass” was never intended for Amsterdam or to take place on a national level, its goal was to deal with the coffeeshops near the international borders of Belgium and Germany, in an effort to solve the traffic and noise complaints

Recent surveys shows that 75% of Dutch Mayors would like to have a regulated market and are against any kind of a “weedpass”. Instituting a ‘weedpass” would be like turning the clock back 40 years, where curious young adults looking for cannabis would come in contact with shady street dealers who would also like to sell them all sorts hard drugs. A time where heroine use was rampant

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Update: April 27, 2012
Dutch Court rules to allow "weedpass" ban on tourists
Video Report by Dismas Barbito